Physical Therapy Services

One-on-one care for performance, fitness, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is physical therapy that is provided in a warm pool environment. By performing the exercises in water, it enables patients to exercise in an environment that decreases the weight placed on the joints of the body.

Balance and Fall Prevention

The fall prevention programs are individually designed collaboratively between you and your physical therapist after a thorough evaluation and discussion of your goals. These programs may help to decrease your risk of falling. The best time to start is before you fall!

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vestibular problems, also referred to as dizziness and vertigo, can be a very debilitating problem for a patient to have.

Spine Care

Osteoarthritis of the spine is a common condition that can cause a variety of problems including pain, stiffness, loss of motion, and difficulty performing multiple activities. Your physical therapist will develop a program to help manage your condition, decrease the pain and stiffness, and improve activity.

Pre and Post Surgery Therapy

Surgery for any type of injury or condition can cause a significant decrease in your ability to perform daily activities. Physical therapy before surgery can help to decrease the recovery time following the surgery. Following surgery, rehabilitation is an important part of your recovery.

Sports Rehabilitation

Injuries from sporting events can be as inconvenient as missing a single play to as disruptive as missing an entire season.  Physical Therapy can speed up your recovery and get you back to playing quickly at peak performance.  Your physical therapist will design a plan that is specific to the type of sport that you want to get back to playing.

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